Sunday, July 20, 2014

Millennials Offer Political Hope

A survey just recently released reveals the political attitudes of 2,000 young adults between the ages of 18-29. What is significant about the results is that they echo many progressive ideas that the GOP has been consistently resisting.

74% said that government has a responsibility to guarantee every citizen a place to sleep and enough to eat.

69% said it's government's responsibility to guarantee everyone access to health care.

68% said everyone should make a living wage.

54% want government to guarantee everyone a college education.

62% describe themselves as socially liberal and only 27% as conservative.

67% favor legalizing same-sex marriage.

61% say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

Observing the ongoing GOP obstructionist policy and activity, it boggles the mind as to what the hell they're thinking when it comes to "winning" anything.  The current social tide is against them and it well appears that the next generation feels the same way.

Republicans must certainly have access to the same demographic information.  If they're just trying to woo old white men they're committing political suicide.

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