Thursday, May 1, 2014


There's no other explanation.  They don't know.  Moreover, they don't know that they don't know, which of course is the Dunning-Kruger effect.  Google it.

And our pathetic national literacy level couldn't possibly be a factor for our nation's problems, could it?  Average literacy is 8-9th grade.  20% read at 5th grade level and 30% are marginally illiterate, which means reading instructions on medications could be a real problem.

"If the verbiage of our society is at an elementary school level, how can the thoughts and actions that follow possibly be any loftier?"  Darryl Singer, from "The Decline of the English Language."

But it's more than knowing how to read and write.  There's that pesky thing called logic.

- How could a man like Cliven Bundy be blatantly racist, and not think that he is?
- How does nonsense just consistently flow from the mouths of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann?
- How does Donald Sterling he's some kind of ok guy?
- How do people like militia members cry,"Hey, we're not doing anything illegal," which would suggest an actual respect for laws, and yet worship some vague ideology whereby they'll choose to obey the laws they think are just?

Hey, as long as we're talking about people with crazy ideas and crazy logic, let me suggest a crazy idea.

Let's just give these secessionists, racists and austerity freaks the states of Texas and Montana. Many of them are already there, so it won't mean a lot of relocating. That's over 415,000 square miles for them to do whatever the hell they want.

Montana is for those who like the cooler northern weather and green things.  And snow. Lots of freaking snow.

Texas is for those who like it a little warmer.  And sand.  Lots of that shit.  Plenty of room for shooting up old wrecked cars and blowing off piles of C-4.

Because the rest of us just flat out give up on their nonsense.  Take these two states and put up a big wall around both of 'em, just like along the Mexican border.  Whatever's inside the borders is yours; oil, minerals, whatever.  But you also get to own the downside.  Natural disasters?  Not our problem.  You bought it, you fix it.  No FEMA.

Supplies?  If you don't grow it, you'd better fly it in.  You don't wanna pay taxes for things like highways and bridges, you ain't using our highway system to truck-in stuff.  One exception; you can build one four-lane that connects the two states. No on or off ramps.

Security?  I thought you boys were good at that.  You own that, too. No air or ground support for any reason, whether the terrorism is internal or global.

And take care of all your other needs, too; natural resources, air and water quality, healthcare.  All of it.

You want to leave your unemployed and homeless to starve and die in the street?  Your choice.  You want to avoid vaccines?  Your choice. You want to forego workplace safety regulations?  Your choice.

Just go off and create your own little version of paradise, where every man, woman and child can open carry a gun.

But don't ask the rest of America for jack shit.


  1. I'd like to see Dunning-Kruger become a buzz term that everyone knows and says, because it does explain an awful lot.

  2. Oh sidenote, those Capcha things Blogger uses are getting harder and harder, this one took me 6 attempts.