Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Overwhelmed by Stupid

Somedays, it's just too much.  The stupid, that is.  And I'm not talking about your everyday, run-of-the-mill, grassroots stupid; not the hold my beer and watch this stupid, not the let's see what happens when I do this stupid.  I'm talking about big league, epic media stupid; sources that are virtual fountains of idiocracy. And it wouldn't be so bad if it was just a matter of the source being wrong, fraudulent or misleading, but of course, people choose to drink from these fountains and even bathe in them.

It's the usual sources; FOX pinheads like Hannity, political balloon heads like Palin, Bachmann and Boehner, and then there's those twits that the media has transformed into Godzilla-grade icons of stupid; people like Nugent and Bundy.
It's not bad enough that we have to deal with dolts like them at ground level. Oh, no.  Politicians and talking heads take them to their bosom, making them larger than life, giving them notoriety.

And it's honestly not just a matter of my ideology; there are thoughts and actions that just plain don't make any sense, but people will cling to them religiously, and I use that word in it's full ironic sense.  People who say things like I'm pro-life and in the next breath, they oppose universal health care. That's just plain selfishness and lack of benevolence.  What they mean is, pro-life for me and my immediate family, I could care less if you die.

People who think that it's somehow, by some strange twist of logic, psychologically healthy to walk around streets, parks, shops and other public areas, displaying or brandishing small arms, like that guy down in Georgia at the Little League game.  He might just as well have pulled out his penis, because his goal was to shock and and be ostentatious. Oh, look at me!  I have a gun and it's legal to show it off!  How incredibly odd that it would have been a crime for him to have exposed himself, showing an organ of procreation as opposed to an instrument of death.  I'm not promoting flashing; just saying that the psychology is identical.

Idiots like Cliven Bundy, who says (quote) I don't even recognize the United States government as even existing, and then stands next to an American flag.  At least be consistent enough to create your own flag.   Idiots like the militia people who say they defend the Constitution, but who are ready to turn on a dime and oppose whatever law they choose.

Or Bundy's claim that he's not racist.  Or the denials that we're experiencing severe climate change directly linked to pollution emissions.

Certainly no irony, hypocrisy or stupidity there, eh?

It's shit like that, the human equivalent of a train wreck and it's happening on almost a daily basis.  And I just have to look the other way before I start bleeding from the eyes.  I have to ground myself out on things more basic, more creative, more life-positive; my music, gardening, or canoeing.  I live within what I'd call a relative microcosm of sanity and reason; a world in which logic rules, a world in which one actually thinks before opening one's mouth.  A world that doesn't require a Glock or an AR-15 to go to QuickTrip for a gallon of milk.  A world that recognizes the success of Canada's healthcare program or the Netherland's sex education program. 

And then, I click the mouse, a news item comes up, and it's as if I'm peering directly into the Bizarro world of DC comics...

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