Sunday, June 8, 2014

Who Taught You To Hate The Poor?

"Who taught you how to hate the poor?  Who taught you that the poor were somehow sub-human, and not worthy of basic things, such as food, shelter, human dignity, and common decency?  

Who taught you to believe this hyper-partisan, self-serving garbage that the poor are nothing but takers?  My guess is that if you believe this way, you believe that you are one Republican election cycle away from the mystical, mythical unicorn people known as 'job creators' opening their offshore jobs war chest, and giving great jobs everywhere.  Ironically enough, the same people who condemn the poor for being poor, the same people who act as if poverty is a lifestyle choice, these are the same ones that rail AGAINST a living wage.  It doesn't matter if a person is working their tail off at a minimum wage job, at a company that won't give them full-time hours as a cost-cutting measure.

The people who hate the poor so much and the people who worry about tax costs when it comes to helping the poor are flat out hypocrites.  It is absolutely hypocritical to rail against the cost of public assistance when you are silent on the tax breaks that billion-dollar companies receive. 

That hatred certainly isn't Biblical, despite the fact that right-wing Evangelicals treat hating the poor as if it's Scripture.  If it were up to them, Jesus would only heal people if they proved they were worthy of being healed.

Who taught you to hate the poor?  And why didn't they teach you to stop scapegoating the poor because it's easy to do, and focus your attention on the people that are actually setting this country on a path towards destruction?  Like the Koch brothers and the Tea Party?  After all, if there's anyone that deserves the wrath of the general public, it's them."

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