Friday, September 19, 2014

Why do so many of America's poor vote Republican?

Into the Google window, I typed,"Why do so many of America's poor vote Republican?"  What I found (and pasted) below may not totally answer that question, but it shines quite a bit of light on the problem.

Gary Yongue, writer for the UK Guardian says:
"The first thing to note is that most of them don't.  In 2008, 73% of those who earned less than $15,000…voted for Obama. But if someone's core conviction is that abortion is murder or gay marriage is wrong then their decision to vote for a candidate who is against abortion or gay marriage is not an act of delusion but conviction."

Raymond Freeman, for the VCReporter, wrote:
"America is a frightened country.  It has lost its confidence.  The white population will soon be a minority.  Republicans are experts at appealing to nostalgia for a simpler past.  Simple folks feel more comfortable voting for simple candidates, such as Palin.  They believed she 'understood' them and rejected attempts to point out her ignorance.  Religious arguments are easier to make.  America is the country of that old-time religion.  Almost half of the population believes the Bible is literally true.  They will vote for someone professing the same belief."

Jonathan Haidt, professor of Psychology at U. of Virginia, says:
"Conservative positions on gays, guns, god and immigration must be understood as means to achieve one kind of morally ordered society."

Roger Schank, psychologist, says:
"It is common to make the assumption that people are thinking when they vote and they are making reasoned choices.  I harbor no such illusion.  They are not reasoning, nor do they want to try.  They simply believe what they believe.  What do they believe?

1. They don't like blacks. It isn't that they are racists.  They will be polite if a black person appears.  They will say blacks hate America.  They sound more reasoned in their own minds if they say it that way.

2. They don't like "wussies."  Kerry? Gore? Dukakis? Not real men.  Bad people are trying to kill us.  We need to kill them first. Those guys wouldn't pull the trigger. (I'm not making this up. I wish I were.)

3. They worry about money.  Who wants to take their money away?  Liberals, of course.  They want to give it to the blacks.

It is all very nice to come up with complex analyses of what is going on. As is often the case, the real answer is quite simple.  Most people can't think very well.  We don't try to get the average child to think in this society, so why, as adults, would we expect that they actually would be thinking?  They think about how the Yankees are doing, and who will win some reality show contest, and what restaurant to eat at, but they are not equipped to think about politics and, in my mind, they are not equipped to vote.  Adult belief systems rest on childhood beliefs instilled by parents mostly and by assorted other authorities."

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