Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Few Words About Scooter

Now, any responsible, loving parent would tell their child that certain personal traits are important in life; not the least of them things like telling the truth, pride in one's self, and a sense of ambition, not to mention a healthy sense of shame.  But to me, Scott Walker is a guy who has a little too much (political) ambition, an incredible sense of hubris, a weak relationship with the truth and apparently, little or no sense of shame.

I'm not going to bore you with the nuts and bolts of what (he thinks) he did for the state of Wisconsin, what he didn't do, and some of the damage he's caused. All those things are out there on the internet as a matter of public record.  Of course, sometimes you have to choose who and what to believe. You can believe this:  Minnesota Economy Beats Wisconsin's

Scooter came into office with a state budget to work on, like most any other governor, but this guy wanted to endear himself to those austerity-loving conservatives and he started slashing every social program he could.  Because that's how you balance a budget - on the backs of the poor and unemployed.  Because if they weren't so lazy, they'd have a job, right?  That's what the members of Scooter's fan club want to hear.  They've all got jobs of some kind and it just galls them to think that a dime of their tax dollar might go to help someone in need.  It. Just. Galls. Them.

And then, you have the fact that this guy is a preacher's son, so that automatically endears him to the religious conservatives, who dislike gays, who think that things like abstinence programs work, who want to close Planned Parenthood clinics when the major part of PP's work is providing birth control and cancer screening for women.  But they're just too focused on the abortion issue, so they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

And then, there's how Scooter has dealt with the University of Wisconsin.

This guy's got his eyes focused on the Oval Office, folks and he's perhaps one of the least-qualified candidates in the clown car.  Problem is - for us - he's one of the most devious politicians and he's trying to gain the favor of the Koch brothers….you know, they guys who would like to eliminate Social Security and sell us all more shale and fracking oil.  That's who Scooter is in bed with.

Look, I'm not saying Scooter is the anti-Christ (like some have said about the president).  He might even have some redeeming qualities, but compared point-for-point against the other GOP hopefuls, he is NOT a heavyweight.

I'm sure Scooter thinks his anti-women's agenda and budget-slashing skills are going to catapult him into the White House.

I hope to Christ, not.

I look at the other Republicans who would be King and I see Santorum and Cruz that are just flat out religious nut cakes.  I see Christie who's just a fat blowhard and a bully; a real gangster poster boy from New Jersey.   There's those guys so totally whacko that they don't stand a chance:  Perry, Graham and Jindal.  Rand Paul perhaps at one time had a shred of integrity.  Not any more. The only two that come off half-way sane are Rubio and Bush, and I sure as shit don't want another Bush in the White House.  And all these guys are big on old-timey religion and (somehow) banning abortion, but on other substantive issues, they're pretty weak tea.

Let me tell you something, if you haven't already grown tired of me saying it.  The way to reduce things like teen pregnancy, STDs and abortion is to get serious about sex education and contraception.  LIKE THE NETHERLANDS.  See this:  Advocates for Youth

And I don't think any of the GOP candidates have anything good to say about the Affordable Care Act, in spite of the fact that now 9 out of 10 Americans have health insurance…which is a wonderful thing, but our neighbors the Canadians kick our ass on that issue, with their single-payer system, and I can guarantee you, NONE of the Republicans is even hinting in that direction.  They just know they hate Obama.  Forget the needs of the American people.

I won't even get INTO same-sex marriage, which makes these guys' heads explode.

Scooter was no gift to Wisconsin and we don't need his kind of hubris and ambition in Washington.


  1. I agree with everything you said, except I think there might be a possibility he *is* the anti-Christ.

    1. One the other hand, if the Kochs are the anti-Christ, he could be the spawn of the devil. IJS.