Sunday, July 19, 2015

Leonard Pitts, Jr. on the "Party of Trump"

Leonard Pitts, Jr. - Miami Herald

"Somehow, the party of Teddy Roosevelt, Gerald Ford and Bush the elder has become the party of secession talk, revolution talk and vigilantes harassing children on the Southern border, the party of the 'war on whites,' 'the war on Christmas,' tea parties and birthers, the party of anti-science, anti-history and fear that the U.S. military is, right this moment, preparing for the invasion of Texas.  In a word, the party of crazy.

Small wonder it is also the party of Trump.

We should take no solace in the fact that Trump will eventually fall from his lofty perch.  Rather, we should wonder what it says about the GOP that he was up there in the first place."

Anyone with mature intelligence and logic literally reels at all the nonsense and insanity.  But what really boggles the mind is those who DON'T see it - or worse - refuse to acknowledge it.  That's the scary part.

Here's a wonderful video by Monty Python's John Cleese about how people can be so stupid, they don't know how stupid they are:

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