Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Time and a Place - Part 2

Just got done listening to my wife's opinion(s) on the topic of mode of dress, and what is rightfully considered appropriate and inappropriate, given the venue, situation and of course, age.

A few words about my wife, if it matters (and I think it does) as to the person behind the opinion.  Brief bio, here:  in high school, she was always the quiet one; a pretty girl, just not part of the clique that was getting all the attention. She was an honor math student and she took bookkeeping, knowing that might be a useable, valuable skill after graduation.  

By the time we got married (after college) her resume' already included short-order cook, nurse's aide and occupational therapy aide.  And within a few years after that, she had expanded her skills to include pharmacy tech, professional nanny/home management/private chef and personal assistant. And within the last year, she just added Human Resources to that list.  She has always handled our finances because for her, it's like falling off a log.  She frequently sees angles to things that escape me.  She also has a unique "magnet" that seems to attract animals, children and the infirm.

She raised a son that graduated third in his class.

So yeah, I value her opinion.

I asked her about this whole appropriate vs inappropriate dress thing, for young women and adults and this was the first thing she said:

"Any woman wearing hot pants or hi-rise shorts KNOWS that people/men are looking at her ass.  That's why she put them on; NOT because it was the most comfortable piece of clothing in her wardrobe for a hot day.  And it's not like she's standing out on asphalt, directing traffic.  She's off to a party, a dance, or the beach.  She wants attention and knows how to get it."

As an HR person, she gave me details about what an employer can (and cannot) legally do regarding mode of dress (tats, piercings) but also admitted that only a stupid employer would discriminate against a person on the basis of tats or piercings and SAY so.  They can cite other reasons.  But that yes, employers can and do often prefer a person that isn't displaying flamboyant body art or hardware, if the position in question involves something like frequent face-to-face personal interaction that REPRESENTS the business.

She admitted that young women who choose to dress flamboyantly and/or provocatively usually want SOME kind of attention. They don't have to necessarily have a negative self-image.  It might just be peer pressure; they don't want to be laughed at or ridiculed by the other more popular  girls because they're not wearing the latest fashion or the latest fashion label on their jeans or shorts.

So, there you have it - from a woman's point of view.  A fairly intelligent, level-headed, successful woman.

You are of course entitled to your own fantasies.

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