Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mash-up: Racism, Guns, Politics, Mental Illness

As expected, there were editorials on every news-oriented website about the latest shooting in Charleston and I could hardly stand to read any of them.  I didn't need to.  The titles and headlines told the story.  Here's all I've got to say on the situation:

Guns:  Yes, we've got too many of them and they're way to easy to obtain; legally or illegally.  There are too many ammosexuals obsessed with guns.  They can't go out for a loaf of bread or a gallon of milk without an AK.  Maybe if we gave them all a free penile implants…

Racism:  It's alive and well in America; especially down south.  It's just more prevalent and flamboyant down there, but it's everywhere.  And any politician that can't admit that doesn't deserve a vote, doesn't deserve to sit in either the House or Congress, doesn't deserve to be president.  Period.

Politics:  How many ways can you spin the truth?   How many ways can you dance around the dead elephant in the middle of the room?  How many alternative phrases can you find for climate change?  How many excuses can you make for mass murderers?

and finally…

Mental Illness:  I'm sick to my stomach about all the articles suggesting that mental illness was not part of the latest mass shooting.  It was a combination of mental illness AND racism.  As far as I'm concerned, racism IS a form of mental illness, as is the general obsession with guns.  Plus, I think that any politician has to be a bit mentally ill to continually avoid calling something what it is.  You know, anyone of middle-eastern descent is a potential terrorist but any white guy/kid that kills a bunch of people, somehow isn't.

The whole conservative platform reeks of mental illness; the instance upon the sanctity of the fetus while cutting social services.  Their unhealthy relationship with the NRA and people like the Koch brothers.  Greasy little used car salesmen like Scooter Walker.  Theocratic nutcakes like Santorum.  And what the f*k is up with the size of the Clown Car?  Are they just trying to throw everything they have at Hillary, hoping that one of these turds will stick to the wall?  If anyone didn't literally choke at Trump's arrogant egotistical speech, they need serious professional help. 

Lewis Black was spot on; we've reached that point in time where satire and reality intersect.  And it's scary.

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