Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Time and a Place - Part 4 - "There's One In Every Crowd"

90% of you aren't going to be able to relate to this little anecdote, but just accept what I'm telling you on faith.  It's all true and part of my personal experiences.

Thus far, I've been talking about what may constitute inappropriate dress modes and appearances in some people's eyes.  A lot of what is considered appropriate often has to do with circumstance and venue; a simple, common example being an executive wearing a suit and tie at work instead of blue jeans. And if he decides to play 9 holes of golf after work, he might put on some plaid slacks - something he might not otherwise wear if he was going out to dinner.

You get the idea.

OK, at nudist/naturist venues it is obviously considered normal to be naked, or at least mostly naked.  One might wear a hat and sunglasses and some type of footwear, but as evening rolls around and the temperature starts to drop, it's quite common for nudists to put on some clothing.  Usually, in the summer months, it doesn't get that chilly, and people often gather around a campfire for drinks and conversation.  You might see people wearing just a flannel shirt.  But no nudist would consider it odd if you decided to put on some sweat pants and a sweatshirt.  If you get cold, you put clothes on.  No big epiphany.  Otherwise naked is the uniform of the day.

Well, part of the overall nudist philosophy is that nudity is a great equalizer.  ALRIGHT, I heard that comment in the back!!  Cute.  Yeah.  But seriously, our clothes very often give a hint as to both our vocation and - to a degree - our personality.  If I were to pick 10 people out of a crowd on the street, I don't think anyone would have that much trouble determining who was the college student, who was the executive, the mechanic, the cop, the butcher, etc.  But when you're naked, unless you choose to divulge your identity, your pretty much equal to the next naked person.  And if/when you do choose to share personal details with someone, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that you're surrounded by everyone from lawyers to doctors to car salesmen.  Again, no big epiphany.

But regarding what I said about putting on clothes in the evening, what you WON'T see is people putting on any kind of lingerie, because that is sexually suggestive, and that's not what nudism is about.

Ya still with me, folks?  Ok, I'll continue for those that are.

Nudism is not about being erotic.  So, it started to become a bit of an issue a few years back when resort members or visitors began showing up wearing genital piercings, because it obviously called attention to their sex.  At first, resort boards of directors weren't sure how to handle this and some asked guests and visitors if they would please remove same when at the resort.  By now, it may no longer be an issue, I don't know, but the POINT IS, you would think it would be enough just to be nude; to be able to enjoy nude social recreation with other people, but SOME PEOPLE just feel the overwhelming need to CALL ATTENTION to themselves.  It's really not JUST about "personal expression."  Seriously, when a guy comes strolling in wearing a 10mm Prince Albert piercing, uh… rather draws attention to his plumbing.  And it isn't just guys; women are getting genital piercings, too.  Most are fairly subtle in nature, but some people could carry the contents of their key rings on their piercings. Nipple piercings have been around for a while, too, but not the size of something so large, it looks like you could hook a tow chain to it.

And at this point, if you want to argue with me that, oh no, they're not trying to draw attention to themselves, they're just "expressing themselves," just take your shit and get out of here.  Seriously. Just go.

Let me explain it to you this way:  in a crowd of 100 clothed people, a naked person would stand out.  Conversely, in a crowd of 100 naked naked people, a clothed person would stand out.  So, if you're in a venue where everyone is naked, where every last vestige of social status has been removed, and then someone still has the overwhelming need to make themselves stand out in some flamboyant manner, you just have to shake your head and go,"really?  Really?"

There was one other occasion that stands out in my memory; it was a Halloween party.  A nudist Halloween party.  Hey, they're every bit as much fun as any other standard textile party.  Creative costumes, from minimal to elaborate.  And there was this one group of women who usually hung out together.  A nice group of women; mature, witty, fun and yes, attractive.  But in a venue that discourages the wearing of provocative clothing, what do you imagine they chose as Halloween costumes?  A:  they dressed as hookers.  Hookers!  And I'm not talking about some camped-up, silly version with overly done makeup and pink wigs.  No.  I'm talking about dressing up like some expensive professional escort you'd find in Vegas.  Man!  Talk about drawing attention to yourself.  I absolutely could not resist complimenting them on their choice of costume.  As I passed them in the pool area, I said,"Nice shoes, ladies."

So don't try to hand me any of this crap that short shorts and skirts, push-up bras and skin tight leggings are all about "personal expression" and that those of us who find it all a bit much are some kind of voyeurs who are "objectifying" women.

Hey, "express yourself" all you want, just stop being disingenuous about why you're doing it.

When I get up on a stage with my guitar, I could just stand there motionless, like a statue and play.  But instead, I might make a few extra moves and expressions that have absolutely nothing to do with the execution of the music.

Because I'm putting on a show.

And that's exactly what a woman is doing when she parades around in provocative clothing.

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