Friday, June 12, 2015

Shame - One Side of the Coin

In Jeb's defense (and that's sarcasm), the book in which he touts slut shaming was written 20 years ago, but this man who would be king has said little to nothing to disassociate himself from those sentiments.

Washington Post writer, Catherine Rampell says,"If only we as a populace were a bit more judgmental, the poor would stop being so poor, the promiscuous would learn restraint, deadbeats would pay their bills, criminals would keep to the straight and narrow, school shooters would lay down their arms…"

"Yes, and I have an amulet that keeps away tigers."

Bush would have you believe that the main reason people are broke, unmarried , in prison or unemployed is because it's all just too much gosh-darn fun.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that a healthy sense of shame is not a bad thing per se.  There's someone in my own family that would definitely benefit from a sense of shame, but why is it that men like Jeb Bush seem to think that only wrong-doers at the bottom of the economic pile will benefit from this?

Sorry, Jeb, but this is pretty simplistic thinking, not to mention pretty one-sided. Unless you've got the integrity and balls to stand up and admit that your older brother should be shamed for lying to get us into the Iraq War…that our government should be ashamed of its opposition to universal healthcare in light of the relative success of Canada's system…that we should be ashamed of our naive beliefs about sex education in light of the success of the Netherland's educational programs…that Fox News should be ashamed for all of its lying…unless and until you can admit to that, you do not deserve to be leader of the free world.

And instead of a scarlet letter "A," you can just have a large "L" embroidered on your suits for "Loser."

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