Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wasted Life

Perhaps not all men are created equal.  Well, I guess in the eyes of God we are, if you believe in God.  Or a god.  Some men are born into wealth.  They never know need or want.  And comfort is something that we all get used to, at any level.

Some men are born into poverty and will be lucky if they can rise - economically - to a point where they can at least make rent and eat one square  meal a day.  Some men manage to overcome poverty while others are swallowed whole.

Some are exposed to a number of bad situations; substance abuse, physical and mental abuse, prejudice and worse.

But regardless of one's advantages or bad fortune, at some point in time, you begin making serious and life-changing choices.  While one's parents may be to blame for something, there comes a point where you have to stop blaming your parents for your bad choices.  Legally, that's 18 in most states.

Dylann Roof is 21.  I haven't seen anything as of yet regarding when his hateful racist views may have begun to gel.

I personally know a young person that is making some bad choices in his life; the kind of choices that can hold one back from being any kind of success in life, and I do not mean strictly financial.  Thankfully, he has not committed any crimes against society and begun a serious police record.  There's still hope for him; as a human being, as a contributing member of society, and maybe as a husband and father.  Only time will tell.  And yes, he did have some bad situations earlier in his life that contributed to his current world view and status.  But he also made some bad choices by alienating himself with some of his most significant lifelines.   You try to extend a helping hand, but if it gets rejected, the person is pretty much on their own.

But regarding Dylann Roof, he's wasted.  He may have been scared, we don't know, but he's self-inflicted some new ones.  What he took away from the world can never be replaced.  He has nullified whatever value his life once had.

I shed more tears over putting-down an aged pet cat than I ever would over Dylann's worthless ass.  The cat never asked anything of anyone other than food and water and an occasional loving touch.  Roof is worm food.

God have mercy on whoever contributed to his twisted state of mind.

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